Why Vaccinations Matter Here In The United States And All Throughout The World

Here in the United States and truly all throughout the world as a whole, vaccines have proven to be a lifesaving force for children and adults alike. As a matter of fact, as many as two and a half million lives are saved by routine vaccinations on a yearly basis – and this is a number that is only likely to continue to grow and vaccines become more and more accessible as the years pass on. From the flu to polio, vaccines can prevent many a deadly condition from ever developing in the vast majority of the population of our world.

For instance, even just getting an annual flu vaccine can save your life. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about this vaccine even in today’s day and age. Many people think, for instance, that the flu vaccine can GIVE you the flu, though this is impossible (as the vaccine is made from a dead form of the flu virus). Others think that, because the vaccine is never 100% effective that it is not worth even getting it in the first place. And still more people think that getting the flu is not a big deal at all, no worse than fighting off the common cold.

All of these assumptions are wrong. The flu cannot be contracted by the flu vaccine and, even though these vaccines are not 100% effective in flu prevention, they are able to reduce your chances of getting it significantly, which is certainly better than taking no steps to prevent it at all. And, perhaps most importantly, the flu vaccine can prevent you from developing serious complications from the flu, even if you do still get it. After all, the flu can be a more serious illness than many people realize, with more than 700,000 people hospitalized because of it since the year of 2010, all within the United States alone. In addition to this, more than 56,000 people have lost their lives to flu related complications in this same span of time.

In addition to the flu vaccination, the polio vaccination has also been able to save many lives, particularly here in the United States. As a matter of fact, more than 93% of all toddlers in this country have received their polio vaccine – and even more are likely to do so in the years that are to come as well. In fact, polio has been completely eradicated in this country, so much so that many people do not remember what life was like when they lived in fear of contracting this disease. They do not know of the devastation and tragedy that a diagnosis of polio brought to many families, and the lasting impact that it had on the lives of those who contracted it. And it’s all thanks to the widespread usage of and access to vaccinations that has helped to make this possible.

Take the measles as well. Though many people don’t realize this, measles is a very serious illness, one that can even kill children and adults alike. And the risk of measles is more recent than many people realize, with more than half of a million people dying of the disease in the year of 2000. This year is still less than 20 years in our past. Fortunately, however, access to the vaccination against measles has dropped measles death rates by more than 75% (by around 79%, to be just a little bit more specific). After all, the year of 2014 saw under 150,000 measles deaths here in the United States, a number that has continued to decline in the years that have followed as well.

The use of a medical grade freezer or vaccine refrigerator freezer has helped to make vaccine access possible. The medical grade freezer and pharmacy freezer allow for accessibility to vaccines, and a medical grade freezer keeps them ready for distribution. Without the medical grade freezer or scientific freezer, vaccines would not be nearly so accessible. The medical grade freezer matters, and the growth of the medical grade freezer will help to spread vaccines throughout the world.

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