Why Schools Need To Invest In Marquee Signs

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It can be difficult to get the word out about school events. While lots of schools now utilize the Internet to communicate with parents and students alike, not everyone has constant access to email — in some areas, parents and students don’t even have cell phones. For that matter, even if people do have regular access to email, they might ignore emails about things like pep rallies or student sporting events. In that case, many schools find that the best way of advertising is somewhat old-fashioned — or rather, classic. The thing about advertising school events is that these events aren’t just about raising spirit for a school. Often, selling tickets for a football game helps raise money, and ensuring that people can see announcements like yearbook sales or picture day dates from the road is the best way of covering all your bases. The more people that can see these types of announcements, the better. After all, the last thing you want is for students to miss opportunities because they didn’t get the word about an upcoming date or event. This is why marquee signs for schools have remained a classic way of announcing events and advertising fundraisers — or simply getting the word out about what’s going on at school.

What Kinds Of Signs Can Schools Use?

There are many different types of signs available. Marquee signs for schools are perhaps some of the most classic on the market. If you aren’t familiar with school marquees, these are the types of signs that you might recognize from your own childhood. They’re simple and straightforward, with letters than can easily be changed out. Of course, some school sign boards are perhaps a bit flashier than others. School LED signs are made to glow. They might be a bit more complicated to arrange — and require more maintenance — than typical marquee signs for schools. But as we’ll explore throughout this article, they have their advantages over other types of signs. Of course, some signs might cost more than others as well — and this something for schools, which are often on fairly tight budgets, to consider in particular. Marquee signs for schools are the least you can do — and they’re very effective on their own. Whether or not a school wants to go the extra mile and invest in electronic signs is really up to the school board.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Marquee Signage?

Whether a school is using a traditional marquee sign or an electronic scrolling marquee sign, there are certain benefits that come with signage. Signs make schools — and any business that uses them, for that matter — much more recognizable. In fact, 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business if not for its sign. While schools aren’t businesses, signs work in the same way for them — they communicate messages and make a school’s presence known. For most schools, events are a constant way of building spirit and raising funds. Recent polls indicated that 58% of people 18 or older learned about an event they were interested in based off of a billboard. It isn’t enough to send out email blasts or texts — you need to make events known through signs as well. For that matter, certain school events aren’t just targeted towards parents and students. Say a school has a bake sale to raise money; people with no connection to the school should be made aware of the sale as well, as it will better boost sales.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Electronic Signs?

Again, electronic signs aren’t necessarily needed to get the word out in all cases. But there are advantages to using them. It’s estimated that 71% of people look at messages written on roadside billboards. Naturally, billboards and signs are more easily legible when they’re bright — especially at night or in the early hours of the morning. Electronic signs simply communicate the same messages as more traditional signs to a wider audience.

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