Why Residential Cleaning Services Matter

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There is nothing more important for a residential manager to maintain than the cleanliness of the residence. This is because this manager is responsible for making sure that the entire resident is clean to make sure that the residents are happy and safe from possible dangers and virus. Furthermore, they have to prevent the spread of bed bugs and dust mites as well.

Now, it may seem impossible at first to be able to at all manage multiple rooms if it is an apartment or multiple housing units it if it is a condo section. While it is most likely nearly impossible to personally clean all of these rooms and housing units, it is not as hard if they hire a residential cleaning service. Here are all of the facts on hiring a residential cleaning service to help you manage a property.

When a family hires a residential cleaning service, they gain back all of the time that they normally spend cleaning. This will let them pursue and handle other things that they have to deal with as opposed to using all of that time for cleaning. The average family will get back nearly 30 days out of the year that is spent cleaning.

Right now, just about 85% of all Americans truly believe that they cannot have a clean home without one item, in particular, being cleaned. This item is the carpet area which may sound silly to some people. This means that even if everything else is cleaned and the carpet is not cleaned then they do not believe that they have a truly clean home.

Cleaning the carpet can be a lengthy process especially if you are planning on using a carpet cleaner. That is why so many residential managers will go out of their way to hire a residential cleaning service to help them out. It is not easy to handle cleaning multiple housing units or rooms especially doing detailed work like cleaning a carpet.

A recent study revealed that just about 22% of all people living in the United States think that their carpet is as dirty as a toilet seat. Yes, that is right, they believe their carpet is just as dirty as a toilet seat. This is why hiring a residential cleaning service can help residential managers tremendously in terms of keeping things clean.

Unfortunately, only 55% of all homeowners will go through the process of deep cleaning their carpet as often as the Environmental Protection Agency recommends. The EPA has put out guidelines that state that homeowners should make sure they deep clean their carpets every six months. This is important because nearly 2,000 dust mites can live on just one single ounce of carpet dust.

In Conclusion

Cleaning carpets are not easy and cleaning services can help make things much easier for you if you do not want to waste time on such a tedious task. No one enjoys cleaning carpets even if it is their job. Some people may have fun vacuuming or straightening up around the house but cleaning the carpet is one of the worst cleaning jobs you can have. Find the right residential cleaning service to help you handle your daily needs.

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