Why Plaque Is Especially Bad For Braces – Preventing Cavaties

It will give you many more years of smiling that lights up your room. The straighter your teeth make you appear Hollywood and create the Hollywood smile you’ve always wanted. If you do not take seriously your appearance, you could lose it quickly. This video will explain how you can improve your oral health.

Dr. Orthodontists stress the importance to brush and floss your teeth. It is due to braces making it easier for food particles to get stuck between your braces and teeth. These food particles can become harmful bacteria if they are not cleaned up by flossing or brushing. This harmful bacteria is found within plaque. That is the white stuff that you see buildup along the edges and between your teeth. The bacteria are also which causes your teeth to become yellow and creating cavities. You need to take extra precautions to eliminate the plaque. Perhaps you should consider making your own mixture of mouthwash that can help fight the plaque.


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