Why Making The Switch To A Better Phone System Can Improve Your Employees’ Productivity

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Communication technology is how most of us get through our day. We send an e-mail to our manager to let them know you need extra time on a project. You use a VoIP business system to keep your business from losing money from lost calls. You set up a Skype conference to meet with employees from all across the country. When these communication resources are comprised? You’re looking at wasted time, lost productivity and frustration that can only get worse when left unchecked.

Your business needs a VoIP business system installed this year. Check out the top five reasons why you may just be losing money right under your nose.

You’ll Have Less Dropped Calls

A common frustration for businesses that haven’t updated their technology is that of dropped calls. This can be due to equipment failure, a poor connection or a phone system that isn’t updated to meet the demands of a fast industry. When you have a potential client or business meeting on the line? It’s time to get smart. Using business phone systems with superior access points and fiber structured cabling will help prevent these frustrating occurrences.

It’s Easier Than Ever To Bolster Employee Productivity

How can a VoIP business system increase your employees’ productivity? By making it easier to do their job, for starters! It’s thought as many as 64 million American employees currently hold a job that is compatible with part-time telework. That’s as much as half of the entire workforce. A recent survey provided by Sage Research saw increased productivity directly linked to improved phone systems — each employee saw up to four extra hours added to their schedule.

The Name Of The Game Is Remote Work

We’ve lightly touched upon remote work. But how vast is it truly? Recent estimates expect mobile VoIP to hit nearly one billion users by the time 2018 hits our calendars. The two protocols gaining notable popularity in the VoIP arena, to boot, is being able to support multimedia over IP as well as encryption for additional security. This means you have more options…and more ways to safeguard those options.

Saving Money Is Made Simple

You know you can increase your employees’ productivity. You also know you can reduce the amount of dropped calls and even keep your networks secure for confidential meetings and delicate information. How can you save more green? A traditional phone line replaced with a VoIP business system is proven to save anywhere from 20% to 50% on your monthly phone bill. When it comes down to it, there’s no reason not to make the upgrade and save everyone a little stress.

How To Install Better Communication Networks

The first step toward having a network that is faster, more secure and more confidential is contacting the leading provider of business telephone systems. Share with them your current problems — losing money, compromising your information, not having enough options for teleworking — and let them give you solutions. Hosted phone systems are proven to work and give businesses more options than ever to succeed in a competitive field.

Communicate your intent to employees and customers alike. Don’t rely on archaic phone systems this year and make the plunge.

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