Why It Might Be Time to Retrofit Your Old HVAC System

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Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, also known as HVAC, is the technology of comfort for residential and commercial properties all over the United States and the world. The main goal of having an HVAC system, whether it is a commercial HVAC or a residential design, is to provide the comfort of temperature as well as to provide exceptional air quality throughout the premises.

There are all kinds of different structures that now rely on HVAC companies to provide this kind of thermal service to them. It could be a single family home, and apartment building, or even p[laces like senior living communities. We have come to rely on HVAC contractors to create environments in which we can go about our daily lives with not much of a care for the weather outside. HVAC service providers help us be comfortable no matter where we are and what time of year it might be.

Commercial HVAC designs for places like hospitals and large public buildings are much more complicated than the units we have in our homes. These commercial HVAC units can range in size from two tons for a smaller building to 30 tons or more for a very large building which will need to service many people.

When having HVAC systems put into a building whether it be commercial or residential, it is important to be sure everything is installed correctly and can maintain the functions it is supposed to do. Even the smallest details, if out of place, can cost money that doesn’t need to be spent.

Any airflow problems can reduce the efficiency of your system by as much as 15% of what they would otherwise be. This can cost your business a great deal of money over time. In much the same way, improper installation can increase your costs by 30% or more.

Assuming that everything has been installed correctly, it is a good idea to have a service company that is familiar with your geographic climate to routinely service your commercial HVAC system. Chicago HVAC contractors will know how to service a Chicago system while a SanDiego HVAC contractor will know what to expect in southern California.

The HVAC is placed and executed in an individual building and lives on the premises of that building. However, in many cases, the equipment involved is connected in a larger way to a district heating or district cooling network. Sometimes these networks are connected as one. In any event, the operating and metering that occurs becomes necessary for the billing of your uses. Those uses would be the energy consumed and exchanged from the larger system.

In cases such as this, the maintenance aspect of things might be a bit more simplified as there will often be a full-time schedule for regular maintenance for the larger system itself. For example, one building might be utilizing cold water for air conditioning while returning the warm water to the system to be used elsewhere.

But, what if you are not concerned with commercial HVAC doings. You are only interested in what you have to do to keep your HVAC unit up and running. One of the ways that most homes put extra stress on their units and can save a great deal of money from escaping is to change the HVAC filter.

If you are changing your HVAC filter at least once a quarter, or once every three months, you will help your HVAC unit run at its best capacity until your regular maintenance schedule comes due.

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