Why Employee Development Training is a Good Investment for Companies

Leadership development

Hiring and employee development training are two major concerns for any business, relating as they do to the need to carry on current operations profitably while looking to the future. Even though hiring decisions and leadership development can be so important for the success of a company, it isn’t always easy to hire the right person. In fact a mismatch between employee and workplace happens more often than we would like to believe. Sometimes an external business consulting firm can help businesses to meet their related goals for profitable and smooth operations and long-term sustainability.

Why does employee training matter?
Employee development training is an investment in the future of the business. Finding the right employees and retaining them can be crucial to the success of a business. If the two goals of a business are to be defined as profitable operations that can be continued on a sustainable basis, it becomes clear that hiring as well as employee retention and development are of central importance.
For any business, hiring and training employees is the key to success. And yet, studies have shown that 82% of the time, companies fail to hire good managers. The costs of hiring mistakes are high for both workers and employers. For employers, it results in loss of productivity, disengaged employees and high turnover. Workers in their turn find themselves stuck in jobs to which they have no commitment. Conflicts in the workplace can be highly stressful and employees may find themselves looking for a way out.

How HR consulting firms can help
An outside business consulting firm can help companies to move beyond this impasse. It’s said that the onlooker sees more of the game than the players, and in this context it’s perfectly true. An impartial outsider can help companies identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to develop plans to build on the former while compensating for the latter.
Specifically, business consultants can help companies in the following areas, among others:

  • Employee and leadership development
  • Executive and manager coaching
  • HR and corporate culture
  • Increasing sales and revenue
  • Retreat facilitation
  • Non profit strategy
  • Strategic planning

Investing in leadership development
According to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School and the Human Capital Institute (HCI), 85% of those surveyed agreed that it was urgent to accelerate leadership development. As of 2013, U.S. companies invested about $15.5 billion in leadership development.
Some of the areas in which entry level workers, in a number of different professions, needed training included problem solving, conflict resolution and critical observation.

Employee development training can be of crucial importance for a company’s current functioning and future growth. It helps businesses to fix current employee-centric problems while developing leadership for the future. By investing in their employees, companies are investing in their future. An employee development training program conducted by a human resources consulting firm can make a remarkable difference to both efficiency and profitability.

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