When Paper Wholesale Might Be Best for Your Business

When you have a business, especially one where office work is being conducted every part of the day, there is going to be a need for paper products. In fact, there might be tremendous amounts of paper products being used within a business every single day. Because of this, you might be in need of a wide variety of products for the workplace such as white shimmer paper, wholesale envelopes, and bulk paper for printers and more. A wholesale envelope supplier who also sells many other related paper products might be able to assist you when you are choosing bulk and good quality for your paper needs.

Why Wholesale Paper is Needed

When you’re buying for your business or home office, you might wonder if buying envelopes in bulk is worth it. Just think about, as a business owner, how many envelopes you actually go through in a year. This might make the decision easier because you will realize that it might be worth the investment to have a large number of envelopes that you can use over time, for a better price. A wholesale envelope supplier or supplier of other bulk paper products can help you choose what is best for your business needs.

The need for paper documents is growing because we use paper for everything that we send to others. In the U.S., there are over 4 trillion documents and they are growing by approximately 22% every single year! For just one office worker, it has been estimated that they use approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every single year. With so much paper being used, some companies wonder how they will keep up with demands and continue to put our documents at the rate that is needed for them.

Approximately 92 million metric tons of paper are produced every single year in the U.S. as well, showing you how quickly these numbers pile up when you think about all of the offices throughout the country. When paper and envelopes are a necessity for your business that you cannot go without, you can see how taking your business to a wholesale envelope supplier can help you save money and resources. Find the best supplier available so that you can improve output in your office.


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