What You Need to Know About E-Commerce

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Shopping online has become more and more popular in recent years. The rise of the internet and social media has made shopping easier than ever before. As a business owner, you need to be on top of each trend as it comes and goes, in order to optimize your business. Optimizing your business improves consumer experience and can help you to gain more customers, as well as more consumer loyalty. This helps your bottom line and profitability. So how much do you know about e-commerce?

The e-commerce market is huge. In fact, about 80% of people have purchased at least once, while 50% have done it more than once. Sales from e-commerce will hit $500 billion in 2018, and managers are taking notice. In 2015, 38% of managers said they would be implementing a warehouse management system. In 2014, that number was only 21%, so clearly, the trend is only growing!

When implementing a warehouse system, your main focus should be on your ecommerce order fulfillment process. Ecommerce fulfillment is essential, because this is the first step in getting someone’s product to them. If this lags, the consumer will be waiting for a product they ordered. They are counting on it to get there at a certain time, so when your service is lacking, they suffer. When consumers are forced to wait longer than normal for a shipment, they may choose not to shop with you again. A business should not be losing consumers over something as simple as ecommerce order fulfillment.

The key is to invest in a system that aids in your fulfillment distribution. Streamlining your warehouse will help get products through the system faster, and on the way to a consumer. In fact, many of the best consumer experiences come from receiving a shipment a day early or even exactly on time. Staying on top of things in the warehouse is essential to your success as a business.

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