What You May Not Know About Blister Packs

Pharmaceutical blister packaging

Plastic blister packaging is one of the most versatile packaging types available. Whether you are packaging action figures, pharmaceuticals, writing utensils, or expensive computer accessories, blister packaging is a convenient and inexpensive option.

One of the main advantages of blister packaging is its versatility. Blister package design can be altered to fit any product, regardless of its shape or size. Many blister packs have cardboard backs, which can be printed with logos, advertisements for similar products, sweepstakes information, and instructions for product use. Some companies even put coupons on the cardboard backers that consumers can cut out and use for future purchases.

Pharmaceutical packaging companies prefer blister packs for other reasons. Pharmaceutical blister packaging is childproof, but easy enough for senior citizens to open. Aluminum foil backing can be printed with days of the week, so that patients know when they have taken a dosage last. Because doses are separated within individual “blisters,” the entire supply is less likely to become contaminated, unlike in bottles, where the medicine is mixed together.

No matter what the product, blister packs protect against moisture and harmful gasses. Some companies use thicker plastic for the blisters in the packaging, making them resistant to crushing. Blister packaging allows consumers to view and inspect their products before buying, and prevents shoplifting by encasing small objects in more cumbersome packaging.

In addition to being convenient and user-friendly, blister packaging is easy and cost-effective to manufacture. Recycled plastic and cardboard can be used to create the packaging, cutting down on costs. Blister packs are stackable, requiring fewer boxes to be shipped.

Blister packaging is a great choice for products of all sizes and types. With its cost-effective manufacturing and safety-conscious backing, almost every business can benefit from utilizing blister packs. Leave a note about the best product you have found in a blister pack in the comments!

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