What to Watch Out For If You Think Your Sewer Line Is Clogged

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You may not be able to tell exactly when a sewer line clog is happening, but if and when it does, you may wind up needing extensive pipe repairs, and sewer repairs. A sewer line clog can cause raw sewage coming out of the drains, which will obviously do a ton of damage.

Fortunately, it doesn’t just suddenly happen. There are warning signs that homeowners can keep a watchful eye out for. If these signs are seen, they can do some drain cleaning, and prevent the issue.

Here are just a couple of the signs to watch out for when you do an ad hoc drain inspection.

A Clogged Drain or Toilet – One of the first signs that a sewer line clog is happening is when a drain or toilet gets clogged. It’s one of the most common red flags. When you hear a gurgling sound coming out of the drains, it’s basically your house trying to talk to you. For example, if you do a load of laundry, and then find that your toilet is seeping water, you have an issue.

Tree Roots – Tree roots can also be a huge issue, especially if the house is old. The older the pipes, the more likely it is that tree roots have crushed them, and clogged them up. According to the experts, gurgling noises from the toilet, and slow flowing drains are the biggest signs that tree roots have interfered with the pipes. Worst of all, if something’s not done about it, the roots will eventually cause a complete and total block.

It’s not easy to tell when a sewer line clog is happening, but if you don’t get a drain inspection, and do the consequent drain cleaning, you may wind up needing to get a sewer replacement. If you have any questions about what to look for, feel free to share in the comments.


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