What to Expect When You Get Invisible Braces – Family Magazine

braces are a great option and can be used to fix issues like overbites as well as improving the appearance of your smile, which can boost your confidence in yourself. If you’re considering having invisible braces, this is what’s likely at the appointment.

The dentist will wash your teeth in order that braces can stick to your teeth. They will then attach small plastic handles to the teeth using dental glue using ultraviolet light to cement the substance. This is a painless process.

The dentist can demonstrate how to attach the aligners to your teeth. The wearer must wear these aligners for between 20 and 22 hours each day. Remove them when you’re eating.

Be sure to take good care of your invisible braces. Clean your aligners and your teeth twice a day and keep them safe in the case provided by your orthodontist whenever you need to remove them. Many patients discover after proper maintenance they are ready to have their braces removed after just one year.


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