What Signs Can Do For You

Even in today’s age of the Internet and electronic communication such as text messages and e-mails, physical signs and poster such as an eco friendly sign at a fundraiser, eco friendly banners, custom decals, advertising displays, and more are still potent for getting people’s attention and conveying a message. These signs can be made from different materials and be in different sizes depending on need or where they are placed, and a popular option recently is to make an eco friendly sign; that is, an eco friendly sign is made from recycled materials and can itself be recycled, so that it does not contribute to growing trash rates. An eco friendly sign would look at home during a wildlife conservation fundraiser, for example, or an eco friendly sign may be used at a new park built in a city or town. Meanwhile, other sign types such as billboards or home for sale signs can be very effective, too.

The Power of Signs

How can signs be effective in today’s age of Internet videos and articles, social media, and e-mail? Despite all that, electronic messaging has not made physical signs or related items such as flyers or paper letters obsolete. In fact, many companies, shops, or fundraisers will use both mediums and take advantage of the perks of each to spread their message wider. And even with home PCs being the norm, people still go outside for commuting to work or school, going to their church or synagogue, going shopping, or anything else, and while people are out there, they are looking at their surroundings, and this includes signs of all types, from billboards to electronic ad signs to posters inside a shop. Are they really so effective?

Since signs are a form of marketing and advertising for companies, a lot of time and effort is invested in finding new ways to make these signs more effective, and statistics are tracking how successful they tend to be. For one example, it has been determined that the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads every single year, and about half of all customers who visit a business were enticed by the sign to try out the business brand. It has also been noted that on average, 85% of a company’s customers live within a five-mile radius of that business’ location, and in a large town or any city, this is a dense concentration of customers, and they’re all going outside in their daily lives. Therefore, signs for that company will be seen often by commuters and pedestrians, and a single company may expose a person to its message as often as 50 to 60 times per month, leading to plenty of exposure and familiarity.

The sign should be attractive and convey a message positively, and trends show that quality, attractive signs often have the best effect. A recent consumer study agrees with this: 85% of those surveyed agree that a sign’s quality and contents convey the character and personality of the business which put it there. A shoddy or sloppy sign can give a bad impression and may often fail to bring in consumers, while a well made, attractive and colorful sign, or one with a professional look, may give a positive impression and give the consumer a sense of confidence in the brand name.

The battle for a consumer’s attention extends to the store’s interior, such as in grocery stores or department stores. Signs will bring consumers inside, but most consumers have not yet made up their minds on what to buy, so shelf tags, packaging on products, and small in-store signs will compete for a shopper’s attention and by extension, their money.

Sign Types

Many companies advertise their store’s presence with a sign over their front door or on top of the roof, and in addition to this, posters inside a shop can promote upcoming deals or new products, such as in a record store. Billboards can advertise local businesses such as law firms, or even political candidates, and signs on the sidewalk can be used by small, single-location businesses to advertise new items or deals, such as a coffee or sandwich shop in a downtown area.

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