What Should You Do With Your Used Clothes

One of the things that many Americans don’t seem to remember when they walk into their closets is that those items of clothing that they do not wear or no longer feel comfortable in can be charitable donations for a family or individuals who may be in need of those items that are no longer wanted or needed. Charitable clothing donations have many different benefits to not only those who receiving the items that they may not have had the means to go out and buy themselves, but also those who are cleaning out their closets and making room for a plethora of new items.

Clothing donations have been a large part of helping many individuals get back on their feet or even to be able to brave the colder conditions that come along with winter. When you decide to go through your closet and donate clothes, you’re giving someone the chance to have items that they may not have had the ability to have before. That nice warm coat for the outdoor job that they just landed. A little girl’s first day of school outfit that she’s been waiting to wear for weeks. There are many reasons that individuals may be looking for those clothing items that you’re no longer in need of.

The benefits to those who decide to give their clothing new homes are vast. For one, when you go through your clothes and donate it rather than throwing it in the garbage, you’re reducing the amount of items that find their way to the landfill. Considering that 10.5 million pounds of clothing find their way to the landfill every year, that’s a lot of pieces of clothing to slowly designate over time, not exactly the greenest way to go about things. If you care about taking care of the environment than donating your clothes rather than just throwing them out could be the best decision you could make. (Purple heart veterans pick up is a thing as well!)

Another benefit of donating those clothes to charity organizations is that for the clothing that you donate you receive a tax write off that when tax season rolls around you can find yourself putting that money back into your pocket to go out and invest in new clothing to do it all over again the next year. Who doesn’t like the idea of a little extra green being placed in their pocket? Most people wouldn’t object to being able to spend their money on new clothes. It’s a win win for everyone.

The best part is not only are you helping children in need of clothing in some cases, but your donations for non profit organizations such as Purple Heart Veterans has a such thing has purple heart veterans pick up that will even come and get those items so you don’t have to make the trip to drop them off anywhere. There’s no reason to not donate your clothes when the biggest move you need to make is putting them in bags and putting them out on your front porch when you make an arrangement to have them picked up. With such options as Purple Heart Veterans pick up there is no reason to not go through your used clothing items. Give a call to Purple Heart Veterans pick up today and get those items out of your home and into someone else’s.

If you have a closet full of clothing that you haven’t worn in years and you’re not sure what to do with it. Putting those items aside and donating them is the best way to not only make space for new clothing, but to also help someone who is in need. You’ve got the ability to help a family who may not have been able to afford the items that you have now, that could mean the difference between a child being warm during the day or having clothes that are ill fitting or even not warm enough. Do those around you a favor and give your used clothing away, there are individuals out there who could use it and feel better knowing that it isn’t clogging up the landfill.

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