What Should Marijuana Edible Packages Look Like?

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Custom product packaging solutions aren’t as straightforward as you might think. Certain items present considerable challenges and obstacles. Namely, designers and manufacturers alike are stumped when it comes to crafting retail packaging boxes and custom packaging solutions for marijuana edibles. Here are three essential considerations when designing packages for recreational marijuana products:


Yes, recreational cannabis is now legal in just about a handful of U.S. states, and it’s highly likely that several more will jump on the bandwagon over the next few years. Of course, retailers need to properly store marijuana edibles — and that’s where considerations like packaging design and the cost of packaging come in. First and foremost, dispensaries need to read up on current regulatory laws. Any required language or warnings must be clearly displayed on boxes, packages, or product labels.


In the same vein, safety should also be a top concern. Right now, states are still trying to work out the specifics and there may not be any concrete laws in your area governing exactly what should be on the package. Until there is, it should be 100% evident that edible products contain recreational marijuana and that users opt to indulge at their own risk. Furthermore, if you want to absolutely cover all of your bases, it may be wise to put a warning about keeping the products out of reach of young children.

Brand Loyalty

While important, safety and laws should not be retailers’ only considerations. It is also important to remember that marijuana edibles are just like any other product. There will be competitors. Visually compelling packages and product displays can help drive sales, and lacking package design, on the other hand, may easily thwart sales and, ultimately, business.

Packaging design can be complex. When it comes to designing custom product packaging for marijuana edibles, retailers must tread the fine line of strictly abiding by all laws and keeping customers safe, while also marketing a visually striking product.

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