What Machine Shops Need to Know about Deburring

When it comes to deburring, many machine shops are yet to fully understand the process especially from a quality point of view. For example, it is possible to remove a burr from a large part and at the same time break the edges using a file without any issues. For smaller parts however, the same might not be possible. It would be a great challenge to break the edge of parts with a smaller radius without affecting the part function. In most cases, you will find that regardless of the vibratory deburring machines for sale being used, there are various ways where burrs have been known to cause problems. This would therefore mean that the vibratory deburring machines for sale have their standardized functions but it is the process that determines deburring. In addition to the common problems, how effective deburring machines are is often dependent on the edge radius, work material, stock loss and the surface finish. Below are some key factors that machine shops should know when using vibratory deburring machines for sale.

Deburring Affects Parts
When using a vibratory finishing machine, a radius or chamfer is produced while the burr is being removed. The use of vibratory finishing equipment therefore causes a change in the external dimensions of the exposed surfaces and improves the residual stress. Ideally, using the finishing tools is meant to change the texture and surface finish. If there is a thermal process involved, then this would cause some changes in the metal structure a good example being the use of laser during deburring. Even without using a vibratory finishing machine, some deburring processes have been found to deposit oxidizing agents on the part surface. This would mean that shops need to use the right vibratory deburring machines for sale. The common challenge is that there are thousands of hand vibratory deburring machines for sale of different sizes and configurations to choose from. However, all these tools have different effects on the parts which is why machine shops need to understand these effects.

Leave Burrs That Need not be Removed
When it comes to vibratory deburring machines for sale, you need to try as much as possible to minimize the need to remove burrs. This means that you need to identify opportunities where such removal is not necessary. For example, try to establish whether your parts really need to be free from burrs when they will have to be sent to a different shop for advanced machining. Take for example an electron beam welding task where two parts need to be fitted together. If the burr is standing vertically, then there would be no need to remove it as long as the two parts can be able to slide into the part where it is to be welded. The burr ends up providing additional material for filling the weld.


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