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Where can you learn the best SEO techniques? Business owners are looking to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for internet marketing and the best SEO tips and tricks. Zuckerberg, for example, recently purchased a small Finnish company and developer of mobile application Moves. Why did Zuckerberg choose to add Moves to his repertoire, and what can marketers everywhere learn from it?

The Fitness-Tracking Moves Is Important; Here’s Why

Moves, a free mobile application, automatically tracks users and any distances ran, walked, or jogged. “Users can also manually enter data, and Moves says it supports more than 60 predefined activity types,” Apple Insider writes. The app is doing pretty well, with over 4 million downloads since its launch last year. Some suggest Facebook purchased moose in light of a growing wearable fitness technology industry. Apple and Google, for example, are both working on wearable watches that will track users’ heart rate and other fitness-related information. Others, however, focus on Facebook’s decision to keep the application free. BBC believes that Facebook will use the application to better understand consumers and Facebook users — not for direct profits.

Internet Marketers Take a Page Out Of Zuckerberg’s Book

What were Facebook’s exact motivations for purchasing the app? How will Facebook benefit from it? First and foremost, the purchase shows Zuckerberg’s initiative to diversify his businesses or companies. With the recent purchases of WhatsApp, Oculus, and Moves, Zuckerberg is diversifying his profits and extending far beyond Facebook’s reach. SEO services can easily do the same. Whenever possible, diversify or vary SEO techniques. The strongest campaigns will not rely on any one thing. A great campaign, for example, will include content marketing, SEO, retargeted ads, and PPC marketing.

Take a page out of Mark Zuckerberg’s book. Keep your business relevance and profitable by diversifying all internet marketing strategies. Find more.

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