What is reaction injection molding?

Reaction Injection Molding is a lower pressure, lower temperature process used to create many different kinds of plastic parts. This overmolding process is mainly used in the medical, industrial and automotive industries.

Reaction Injection Molding is often used for molding strong, lightweight parts that can be easily painted. The rigid materials used are designed to withstand a very high flammability rating.

The RIM molding material used is a two-component system which consists of polyol and isocyanate liquids that are combined at a high pressure and then dispensed into the closed tool at a lower pressure. The material will then expand to fill the tool and is ejected in 5 minutes.

The RIM procedure starts with polymer liquids stored in separate tanks that are eventually dispensed by high-pressure pumps. The polymers are mixed and redirected from the storage tanks to a dual stream mix-head and then back to the tanks in a continued loop. This mixing process creates a chemical reaction that forms a strong and reliable product each and every time.

The reaction injection overmolding process uses low-viscosity liquid polymers. These liquid polymers expand and thicken through multiple chemical reactions. After they are injected into the heated mold they will eventually begin to harden. During the RIM design process materials and molding techniques will be selected, and customized, to create the desired weight, strength, and hardness that you are looking for depending on the project you have at hand. In the end of the overmolding process you will have polyurethane parts with much lighter weight, and can create more intricate designs than those created by standard injection molding.

RIM processes are used to create a number of different parts and pieces for many different industries. Reaction injection molding materials are quite inexpensive compared to many other products. Customization can be quite intricate and you can modify practically any piece required for your project. Molded polyurethane creates high quality tools and parts around the globe and creates a lightweight feel that will help reduce the clunky parts and pieces created using other plastics.

If you are looking to create a new product or tool the best options available are made using reaction injection overmolding. Call today to discuss your options and get a quote for your project.

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