What is Civil Engineering and How to Get into the Industry

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Civil engineering is known as the oldest type of engineering. Its the part of the industry that works with the environment. The first time a roof was built or a tree laid across a river as a bridge, that was when civil engineering was born. A civil engineering company will use the structural design of the environment in order to build things or provide civil engineer services. It really is what has made civilization what it is today. When you think of structural engineering, you probably think of buildings and skyscrapers first. This is because they are the most obvious. They are the things that you see before anything else. Another area of civil engineering would be things like roads, railroads, the subway systems and also airports. These were all created by transportation planning engineers.

Let’s think about the less obvious things of the world. When you turn the faucet on in your home, you don’t think about the civil engineering company in Florida or wherever you might be that worked endlessly and tirelessly in order to make it possible for water to stream into your sink. One of the most impressive water supply systems in the United States is in New York City. They get billions of gallons of water from the Catskills which is more than a hundred miles away. It’s excellent quality but no one thinks about that. New York is not know for it’s good water. It’s known for the Statue of Liberty and other structures.

People don’t think about where water goes afterwards either. Things have developed and danced and have evolved into something that was never even dreamed up just a few years ago. The sanitary systems that America now has allows its people to live without worrying about waterborne disease and other such things.

As you can see, a civil engineer company does so much more than design and plan for buildings and bridges. They are involved in so many different fields and industries. The aerospace industry uses them to make jetliners and space stations. The car industry uses them to design bumpers, doors, load carrying capacities and more. You’ll also find civil engineers involved in the designing stages of the shipping industry, power industry and so much more. They even work as construction managers to make sure that the vision they have in the design is coming to fruition.

Part of the reason with working for a civil engineering company is so exciting is because there is really something to show for your work. When you are finished, you can physically see the results of what you have worked on. This could be a bridge, a sky scraper, a train station or a dam. Whatever the case may be, there is satisfaction in the finished product that compares to no other.

If you are considering a career in civil engineering you’ll need to get a degree in the studies of it. It takes between three and five years to get a degree is civil engineering. It will be called either a Bachelor of Engineering or a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. You’ll have to go through physics classes as well as classes in math, project management and design. You may also need to take some classes that are specific to civil engineering itself. After the basic courses are complete then you’ll want to go forward into a more specialized area in one of the sub disciplines that are at a more advanced level. You can get an undergraduate degree and that will give you a qualification that has been accredited by the industry, some educational institutions will offer a post graduate degree which will let you specialize in whatever area interests you the most. For the most part, getting your bachelor’s will be the first step towards getting the professional certificate that you need to work for a civil engineering company.

It might take a lot of time and effort in order to get to the place that you want to be, but if being a civil engineer is your dream then keep going. There’s so much good that you can do in the world by being involved in this.

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