What Does Antitrust Law Entail? – Hero Online Money

by preventing business practices that aren’t legitimate or legal They also help ensure fair competition for workers as well as consumers.

One excellent illustration of antitrust law can be found in rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The company reduced prices by nearly 50% as well as buying a number of their competitors. It increased market control, but also decreased production costs and prices. This allows the company to grow its profits! It’s a great example because it’s well-known that some firms will ramp up prices, while maintaining their own production costs low The oil industry is a great example of this. These types of situations are reasons why antitrust laws exist in order to safeguard consumers.

The antitrust law is extremely concerned regarding the potential of merging companies. Businesses that have the same item and then collaborate effectively eliminate any competitors, making it unjust for competitors to offer similar products and services. The law against antitrust tries to stop such instances and allows everyone to make a living with the enterprise they operate. 3xg14to657.

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