What Do Small Business Owners Need to Consider When They Shop Around for Health Insurance? Remember the ABC’s

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Much of Canada’s health care is covered by public funds, but this isn’t the way the entire system works. As many as 75% of Canadians receive additional benefits through their employers in order to receive more options for their health care. This gives them more options in terms of how they receive care and can apply to everything from prescriptions and surgery to mental health spending and dental implants costs.

However, when it comes to finding appropriate health insurance for small business owners and their employees, there are challenges when it comes to the administration of those benefits, in addition to the level of coverage — something that 60% of Canadian employers worry about. Employers should consider the ABC’s when seeking health insurance for small business owners:

It’s no secret that health care can be a convoluted system. In order to find the right options for small businesses, it’s important to evaluate how the coverage is handled. How long does it take for a claim to go through? Do employees get reimbursed for expenses quickly? How does the company handle the business’s account? These are all important things for employers to look at before signing a contract for a small business health insurance plan.

Employers must also look at the type of benefits they may receive. Some may choose group benefits for small businesses, while others may look at health spending accounts as a tax advantaged way to let employees manage out of pocket spending themselves. Some small businesses may even look into both. Employers should check out what’s covered and what isn’t before making a decision.

Finally, one of the biggest things that employers look at is the cost of the plan. Canadian small businesses have fewer than 100 employees, so it’s crucial to have a plan that’s cost effective for everyone. Business owners should shop around for the best cost-per-employee and coverage that’s available to them.

Those who still have questions about health insurance for small business owners should thoroughly research Canadian supplemental benefits providers.

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