What Can Aluminum Be Used For? – Daily Objectivist

rst, let’s go over the amount of aluminum that is available. Aluminum is 8.3 percent of the earth’s crust. The third most abundant element and the most widely used metal.

Aluminum is cheap and light-weight. This is why it’s utilized in everyday household utensils, trays, frames for doors, auto bodies, roofs, as well as airplanes.

Why is aluminum used in all of these applications? Aluminum reacts strongly to oxygen and water vapour in the air . It creates an acidic compound that is known as aluminum oxide. It’s stable and not as volatile as the aluminum. Aluminum oxide is used to cover other substances. The result is that it stops them from corroding, which can lead to rusting.

Aluminum is made into coils, also referred to in the industry as aluminum coils. Due to its ductility and malleability, it’s commonly utilized as foil. It can be wrapped in baking goods and soaps.

Watch the video to learn more about aluminum-based products.


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