Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Powder Coating

Professional powder coating is used to give decorative and protective finishes to metals which are used by consumers in many industries for many products including appliances, cars, buildings and everyday products such as cabinets, shelves and even toys. The method of professional powder coating is done when a powder made of resin and pigment particles is sprayed electrostatically on a metal.

Whether you’re adding a finish to a car or another metal surface, professional power coating is a fast-growing technology and currently reflects more than 10 percent of all industrial-based finishing. There are several advantages and disadvantages to professional powder coating and they include:


  • Durability: Professional powder coating gives an economical and durable finish with a wide range of colors for whatever type of metal you’re needing a finish on. A powder coating is resistant against scratches, wear, chipping and fading when compared to other types of finishing. For whatever your needs are, there’s any number of colors available and other finishes can be added including glitter, fluorescent and iridescent.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Another benefit of professional powder coating is that it’s good for the environment when compared with liquid painting or liquid coating finishes which might be filled with VOCs. Powder coating released a miniscule amount of VOCs and in the long run, powder coating helps cut down on the number of pollutants released into the air.
  • Savings: Eliminating VOCs and pollutants will save money and help the companies you’re doing business with stay environmentally compliant with organizations like the EPA.
    • Disadvantages

      It’s been established that there are plenty of advantages to professional powder coating, but there are some drawbacks as well.

      • Start up costs tend to run high
      • Powder coating can be difficult to touch up
      • Powder coating can break down if it is exposed to UV rays
      • Changing colors can be difficult
      • There’s a diminished degree of control, smoothness and speed during the application process
      • Baking is required
      • It can be very difficult to achieve thin coating layers
      • It must be applied electrostatically

        • If you’re wondering, “Why get a powder coating,” there are plenty of advantages to get a professional powder coating. It looks good, there are a variety of finishes and colors to chose from and it helps the environment. But there also several disadvantages and as with most things, it pays to take time and do research to determine whether or not a powder coating finish is best for your needs.


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