Ways to Save Big on Energy Costs

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As a homeowner with a plethora of expenses to deal with, finding ways to save energy is a great way to cut down utility bills and help save the plane. If your bill is topping over $100 a month like the national average, it might be time to seek out a solution or two for finding better ways to expend energy.
First thing’s first: have you tried changing your thermostat? Installing the correct thermostat could save as much as $90 per month on your upcoming utility bill. And if you keep your house coolers for just eight hours each day, resorting to heat only at night, you’ll be able to effectively save over $100 per year.
For individuals who are seeking alternative energy sources for your home, seeking the help of alternative electric companies are a good step in the right direction. These energy suppliers often recommend solar panels as a means of alternative electricity for your home. Solar panels often require little maintenance once installed. Although they can be expensive, many states include tax breaks for homeowners with solar panels as a means of incentive. In fact, many homes receive check from power companies each month due to the excess energy that their solar panels produce.
In addition to solar panels, many power companies recommend investing in energy efficient appliances. These appliances aren’t just new shiny objects. Rather, they function in a way that is both high capacity, and low-energy, impacting your utility bills in a very positive manner.
And while you’re at it, invest in a new water heater. Getting a new insulated water heater can help you to cut down on water costs by almost $20 a month. Considering the average family wastes hundreds of gallons a year, this wouldn’t be the worst investment for the environment, either.
So what do you say? Committing to a more energy efficient home means committing to a more affordable and better tomorrow.

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