Water Quality Testing Kits Can Help You Determine the Safety of the Water in Your Home

As the nation attempts to come to grips, or in some cases ignore, the fact that there may have been more than 4,000, not less than 100, deaths that resulted from last year’s hurricane in Puerto Rico, is should come as no surprise that access to clean water was one of the major problems. Combined with months of not having access to medical care or electricity, the lack of clean drinking water played a significant role in this catastrophe that is still being investigated.

As one politician put it on the morning news circuit, these Puerto Rican people are from families that belong to the U.S., citizens who also stand, which seems to be so important right now, when they sing the National Anthem. We live in times when major weather events can completely disrupt of destroy an entire area’s access to clean drinking water. For this reason there are a growing number of individuals who rely on water resistivity units and water quality testing kits to determine if the water in their homes or communities is safe to drink.

From fresh water test kits to well water test kits, there are a growing number of ways that people in this country and around the world can determine if they can trust the water in their home for drinking, cooking, and cleaning.

Water Resistivity Units Measure the Chemical Components in Drinking Supplies Around the World
From Puerto Rico to Flint, Michigan, our nation depends on water quality issues that are both manmade and the cause of Mother Nature. Even though there are many places in these two locations that still do not have safe drinking water, it is not because they do not have the means of testing the water. In fact, we have the both the means to test water and to make it drinkable, but what we often lack is the money to complete these tasks. Until the politicians decide that water quality is an issue of importance, however, many of the people with the least resources will continue to suffer the results of water that is not safe.

The latest statistics show that unsafe or inadequate water, sanitation, and hygiene cause approximately 3.1% of all deaths worldwide, as well as 3.7% of disability adjusted life years (DALYs) worldwide. In fact, in this country alone, a recent study of the nation’s streams indicated that only 28% have healthy biological communities compared to best possible conditions in their region. Every American needs to make sure that they are doing their part to make sure that national politicians and local governments are addressing this important human rights issue. With the use of wwater resistivity units and other scientific advancements, these problems can be successfully addressed and solved.

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