Verified Security Alarms Provide Better Security

Commercial security systems delaware

Commercial security systems are highly effective in deterring burglaries. Burglary is one of the leading causes of property loss and damage, but even simple surveillance video cameras can prevent 67% of all burglaries. Office security systems sometimes go off without good reason, but an audio-based intrusion detection system can eliminate that problem.

Given the wide range of commercial security solutions available, it may be best to consult with a security alarm company to find the one that is right for your business.

What are verified alarm systems?

An audio-based intrusion detection system adds a second layer of verification when an alarm is triggered. Monitoring both CCTV live coverage and audio intrusion detection, security professionals can determine whether a break-in has in fact occurred, once an alarm has been tripped.

Audio intrusion detection helps to eliminate the problem of false alarms, while improving overall security and monitoring effectiveness.

Avoiding false alarms

False alarms are a major problem. Out of 38 million alarms calling out the police each year, some 94-98% are false alarms. A false alarm is a waste of police time and manpower, requiring 20 minutes for investigation by two police officers.
Since around 10 – 25% of all calls for police help are alarm calls, it’s easy to see how the problem adds up. But an audio-based intrusion detection system can help to reduce the number of false alarms, improving overall public safety.

Alarms effectively deter burglars

A survey of convicted burglars found that around 83% would first try and find out if their target business had an alarm. Even among those who carried out spur-of-the-moment, unplanned burglaries, 50% said they would discontinue the burglary if they discovered an alarm.

Even with all the benefits offered by commercial alarm systems, only 1 business out of 7 has installed an alarm system. With many different security systems available for businesses, schools, commercial and public buildings, there is one that fits your needs and budget.

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