Tungsten and Molybdenum Crucibles and the Right Alloy Product Manufacturers

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Human beings have an incredible ability to search for or happen upon new materials, combine materials to create something new, and discover and innovate new methods and uses for materials in multiple ways and industries. Think of the progress that has been made over the course of human existence on this planet. As egocentric beings, it may often seem that our collective lifespan is quite long and that our species has existed for a very long time. However, in the grand scheme of things, we have been on this planet for a relatively short amount of time. With that perspective in mind, the discoveries and inventions that we have reached are really quite astounding.

Tungsten and molybdenum crucibles

Among the materials that we have discovered and created, molybdenum and tungsten are perhaps not as widely known. Tungsten and molybdenum crucibles can only be formed and used after an intricate process, and only then after many of the properties were explored. Molybdenum has the extremely high melting point of 4,748 degrees Fahrenheit, and the glass melting electrodes need to be at purity levels of 99.95% in order to have an adequate resistance to possible chemical corrosion or degradation. This minimizes glass discoloring.

Tungsten has an even higher melting point, at 6,170 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact of every metal in pure form, it has the highest melting point, as well as the highest tensile strength and the lowest vapor pressure. While it was discovered all the way back in 1781, it would be another 150 years before it was ever even applied to any industry.

Finding your ideal alloy product manufacturer

When you are in need of alloy products, tungsten and molybdenum crucibles are popular choices. From the intricate molybdenum manufacturing process, to the uniqueness of tungsten’s relatively rare natural appearance (only when it is with four major mineral forms and calcium, manganese, or iron), it is hard not to be intrigued with the process. Finding the right alloy product manufacturer has to do with matching up your individual needs with those unique methods that each can provide.

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