Tricks and Tips for Using Grinding and Cutting Tools Safely

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Manufacturing is an important industry in the United States. As a consequence, the machine tool industry has grown to be worth about $90 billion, making it one of the key industries in the manufacturing sector. The cutting tool industry is an important part of that. But using grinding and cutting tools does take some attention to detail and work to make sure everyone is safe in the workplace.

Tips and Tricks to Using Cutting and Grinding Tools Safely:

  • Be alert at all times. This may seem like a given but it is important to the grinding and cutting tool industry. It is important for companies to impose a strict policy on the use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Any moment where a worker is not 100% focused on what they are doing can be a dangerous moment for themselves and everyone around them. Just a few seconds of inattention can be disastrous and can cause a horrible injury or worse.
  • Wear fitted clothing and gloves. When the clothes and gloves that workers are wearing while using grinding or cutting tools can cause accidents by getting tangled in the grinding and cutting tool technology. By the same token, workers who use these kinds of tools should never wear jewelry and their hair should be pulled back if it is long.
  • Make sure all machines are turned off before you plug them in. By accidentally starting grinding and cutting tools, you can cause injuries. Do not keep your finger on the tools when you are moving them. Check the on/off switch before you plug them in. Just pay attention to the on/off switch when you begin to use a tool.
  • Be aware of what is going on around you. Often, work that involves grinding or cutting also results in sparks. You need to make sure that any sparks your work produces do not cause problems for the people who are working around you. Many companies that work with the products from the grinding and cutting tool industry also have products and items in the workplace that are flammable. Keep your sparks to a minimum and make sure there are fire extinguishers where they are readily available. Check and maintain your fire extinguishers as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Use the appropriate safety equipment at all times. There is a reason that the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) has rules and regulations for safety equipment in the manufacturing sector in the United States. All workers need to be given and use appropriate protective clothing, protective gloves and glasses, hard hats, steel toed boots, dust masks, face shields and hearing protection. Not all of this is needed for every project but you need use the items that are appropriate for the job you are doing.
  • Use the right tool for the job. Every project has tools that are the right ones. Do not try to use a tool that is not built for the job you need to complete. Some tools are only good for certain things. When you force them or try to use them for projects and jobs that they are not capable of handling, you raise the chances of accidents and injuries. Using the right tool for the job also means you will do a better job and have more satisfied customers and clients overall. This will get you more business and help improve safety in your workplace and your bottom line. Along the same vein, you should only use accessories for tools that were approved by the manufacturer of the tool in question. Do not try to make other accessories fit on a tool. They either work or do not work with that tool, forcing it will only lead to accidents.
  • Remove the power if adjustments need to be made. If you need to change the accessories on a tool or make any kinds of adjustments, you need to disconnect the power source first. It is just too dangerous to try to make any adjustments to the various cutting tool solutions without unplugging first.

The grinding and cutting tool industry is very important to manufacturing. Using these tool safely is possible when people pay attention.


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