Top Two Reasons to Change Your Business Signs

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When advertising for a business, the first thing that many business owners do is invest in signage. The problem is that many of them just leave up those signs year after year without making any changes or updates. Since signs are basically the face of a business, it’s important to make sure that they’re representing the business well. Here are three reasons you might want to think about adding to, changing, or updating your business’s signs.

1. To Attract Customers.
This seems pretty obvious, but it’s for more reasons than you probably think. Of course you’ll need to have signs to signify where your business is and the name of it so that passersby know who you are, where you are, and what you’re selling. A small business typically gets 50% of its customer base just from signs alone. What you probably don’t realize is that almost 20% of households relocate each year, which means some of your customers are moving out and the ones moving in are going to need to find you.

2. If You’re Rebranding.
Another reason that you might want to consider adding to, replacing, or updating your small business signs is if you’re rebranding. In some cases when business gets slow or the owner decides to take the business in a different direction, it’s time to give the look of the business a makeover. Part of rebranding means redesigning the look of a business’s advertising, which should, of course, be reflected in the signage. Adding light and color to a sign design can increase brand recognition by as much as 80%, so after you have a preliminary design and a budget, work with a sign company to see what’s possible.

Have you changed your small business signs recently? Feel free to tell us why in the comments section. Continue reading here.

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