Top Five Traits All the Best Security Guards Have

Security guard agencies

Whether you’re looking for home security companies or you need a security guard agency for your business, you need to find a company you can rely on.

Here are the top five traits to look for in a security guard or agency:

1. Dedicated

Private security company employees are often required by contract to act to protect assets, individuals and property, but the best security guards will do this regardless of their contract. You want security guards who are always looking out for your best interests, even when no one’s watching, because they take pride in their work.

2. Experienced

Private and home security companies are required to have their employees licensed in Australia. The licensing process differs from area to area, but often involves security guard courses and continuing education. A guard who’s been working longer will usually have more experience and education that they can put to use for you. Some security officers even have military, government or police experience.

3. Communicative

Security guard agencies are required to interact with both you and law enforcement officials if a problem arises. In these instances, it’s vital to have guards who can communicate information quickly and efficiently. On a related note, guards should also be honest and trustworthy. Your security guards are there to protect your interests. If you can’t trust them, then you should look for a new company.

4. Team-Oriented

Members of corporate and home security companies are frequently required to work together, often in different roles. A good security guard will fit comfortably in the roles of both leader and follower and adapt to different situations with their co-workers.

5. Personable

It’s easy to forget that security guards are often called upon to fulfill customer service roles, but their behavior does reflect on your company. Security guards may be placed at entry points to check security clearance for people entering or leaving a facility, or they may be positioned in parking garages or lots where they escort employees to cars. Having guards that are good with people is a must in these situations.

If your current company or the company you’re considering lacks any of these key traits, it might be time to move onto someone better.

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