Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Commercial Food Packaging Bags

If you have a great product, you can be sure that people will buy it. However, the packaging helps you out a lot with sales. Here are some tips to help you design awesome commercial food packaging bags.

Simplicity is key

One of the first things you should think about when you’re designing your commercial food packaging bags is simplicity. When a customer picks up your product at the store, they should be able to easily identify what your product is and what your brand is. The maximum average time a customer will dedicate to any particular product on the shelf is only four seconds, so you have to answers their questions in that amount of time.

Think about usability

Nothing is better than making your commercial food packaging bags usable in more ways than its meant to be. A product package will make the product more memorable if you can still use it after the product itself has been used. This is why resealable pouches are so popular. Yout customers can reuse your product packaging, and they will love that.

Be product-friendly

EVery package is designed with the product in mind. So, you should design your commercial food packaging bags in a way that shows they have a “friendly relationship” with the product inside. So, if you’re selling per food, make sure your pet food packaging works well with that product. Vacuum-tight seals and an easy-pour option are, for example, great options for pet food packaging.

Watch for trends

People are all about trends these days, so why not play into that with your food packaging? Stay updated about those trends and incorporate them into your label designs. Hypes created by movies and media can help you boost your sales because customers are attracted to those trends.

Make it stand out

While you’re following the trends, you have to make sure something about your product packing stands out. According to the 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study, 66% of consumers have tried a new product because the packaging caught their eye.

When you’re designing your commercial food packaging bags, make sure you keep it simple, remember usability, be product-friendly, keep up with trends, and make your bags stand out. These tips will help you sell your product and get new customers along the way.

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