Tips for Designing the Best Packaging for Your Products

Shrink sleeve labels

Designing the packaging for your products is an important part of making a product be successful. Plastic pouch packaging services companies can help you design the right packaging that will help ensure it flies off of the shelves.

Tips for Designing the Best Packaging for Your Products

  • Start thinking about your packaging options early in your product development. When tou start developing a new product or product line think about what you want it to look like when it goes on the shelves. Having an idea of what you want the final product to look like will help when you market test your stuff. Working with pouch packaging services companies from the beginning of your product development process will help make sure your product will be popular.
  • Try to keep the environment in mind. More and more customers today are looking to buy the most “green” products on the market. The vast majority of Americans recycle on a weekly (or daily) basis and will seek out products in packaging that they can recycle. Your designs should be attractive and eco-friendly.
  • Simplicity is always a good thing. Do not overdo your packaging. Some companies go a bit overboard with their packaging and the result are items that are just too cute by half. Keep it all simple. You do not need it to have all of the “bells and whistles.” For instance, you do not need your liquid spout bags to be zippered pouches. It might sound like a neat idea but then look like it is too much to consumers.
  • Never lose sight of your branding goals. Everything you do needs to reinforce your message. The same concept is very true for your packaging. It needs to fit in with your overall messaging and branding strategy. If one of your messages is that you make products for “people on the go” your packaging needs to reflect that ideology and message. It needs to be something that can go with your active customer base.
  • Make sure your text is legible. Work with your pouch packaging services company to come up with a great design that still lets you put your logo and the name of the product on your shrink sleeves in a way that the text can be read. None of your hard work will matter if your customers cannot the packaging. It simply must be very easy to read not just marginally legible.
  • Your packing is an investment in your business. High quality packing appeals to customers? ideas about the quality of the products they buy. We always want to think that we are buying products are the best quality. No one wants to being inferior products home to their friends and family. For better or worse, you will be judged on your packaging and if it looks cheap, so will your brand.
  • Make sure your packaging protects what is inside. While companies use their packaging options to further their marketing strategies and grow their brand, the real reason packaging options were developed is to make sure products make it from the warehouse to the store shelf in exactly the same shape it left. If your packaging cannot meet that one standard, it does not matter how great it looks or how it stands out. Your brand will become synonymous with bad quality products and no one wants that.
  • Make your product stand out with your packaging. You can work with your pouch packaging services company to create something that stands out and is different from what your competitors are putting out. Customers will not buy your product if they do not notice it.

Plastics often get a bad name. Some people equate using plastic bottles with damage to the environment. Newer plastic containers are much lighter than past version. It takes 1.5 pounds of plastic to transport more than 10 gallons of liquid. New flexible packaging design such as heat-sealed, resealable packaging pouches keep food fresher and free from contamination for longer. Each pound of plastic packaging used here will keep at least 1.7 pounds out of landfills where it contributes to global warming.

Remember, your packaging reflects on your brand. Make it work for you and not against you.

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