Three Ways to Make Sure Customers Come Back to Your Website

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A profitable business depends really on the website. If you don’t have a good website then no one is going to take you seriously. Nowadays, the first thing that people check when looking into a new company, or what they haven’t heard of, is their website. It gives them a feel for the company and they can see reviews and find out if the company is actually legitimate. If you don’t have a website they will assume that you are at best, outdated and at worst, a scam. Either way they won’t make time for you. Now, not only do you need a website but it needs to be current and updated constantly in order to keep up with changing technology. Here are a few ways that you can make sure that you have the best web design.

  1. Easy Navigation
    The best kinds of websites are the ones that are easy to get around. If a potential client opens up their web browser, follows the link from your business card or advertisement and find a website so confusing that they can’t even leave the page, they’ll never be back. The goal here is just that: get the customers to come back. Online shoppers tend to not buy anything the first time that they visit a website. But if you can get them to come back to the website, then they will likely buy something that time or at least start a shopping cart or wish list. So, ease of navigation. This means having a bar at the top of every single page with easy links. Things like ‘home,’ ‘contact us,’ ‘about us,’ ‘shopping,’ ‘cart,’ and others are good ideas to have in an easy place to see. This will help the client be able to navigate around the site without having to press the back button a million times.

  2. Search Engine Optimization
    SEO is very important for bringing potential buyers to your page. Your web design could be fabulous but if no sees it, it’s pointless. Your goal when deciding which search engine optimization techniques to use is to ensure that your website link shows up at the top of the first results page on a search engine. People rarely go past the second page and hardly ever the third. Your best shot at getting a lot of customers is to get on that first page. You may want to look into search engine marketing services so that you don’t have to do this yourself. There is a lot that goes into SEO so having a qualified professional could make the job a lot easier. That way, you can focus on growing the business is other ways.

  3. Organization
    There needs to be a careful balance between putting all the information that a customer needs on the site and using careful web design to make sure the page is not overwhelming. The key is organization. If you can organize the site so that it’s easy to find things and simple to look at, then you’ve got it made. If a client opens a website and there is a ton of flashy gifs and different fonts and colors, they’ll just be overwhelmed leave.

The problem is, leaving an online shop is so easy. At least when you are at a physical store, you might feel an obligation to stay for a second so it doesn’t look strange that you walked in and immediately walked out. But online, that’s exactly what you can do: open page, whoa- see overwhelming site, back out of page and go to the next one on the list. It’s as simple as that. This exactly what you want to avoid. Make sure that you follow at least just these three tips to get where you need to go with a website.

Obviously there is a lot more that could go into the web design portion of this, such as making sure that you have secure payment processing, etc. but these three are the most important because they have the most impact on the potential buyer. Once someone decides to buy, then they worry about secure payment and shipping costs, etc. So, cross that bridge when you get there.

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