Three Undeniable Advantages to Using a Health Spending Account for Canadian Small Businesses

Health benefits for small business

In Canada, healthcare is covered by the government for most medical procedures. However, there is also supplemental health insurance for small business owners available to cover other services. Health benefits for small business help millions of Canadians stay healthy, and for employers, there are a variety of affordable small business health care plans to choose from. One choice is a health spending account, similar to the health savings accounts in the U.S. Here are some quick facts about this type of insurance plan:

1. They use pre-tax dollars. Health spending accounts will take money out of an employee’s paycheque before it is taxed. This is advantageous because it allows employees to receive more money for their health spending.

2. They allow employees to choose their own health expenditures. HSAs are popular because employees who need specific services, whether they are considered medically necessary or not, can use their health spending accounts to choose what to use their funds on. That choice is what makes these services so popular.

3. They can be used for anything. From lap band surgery to medication costs, health spending accounts can be used for just about any medical service. Users generally don’t have to worry about networks or other rules related to healthcare spending.

Have questions about these services? If you’re an employee, speak with your employer about the availability of an HSA. If you are a small business owner, be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about adding HSAs to your plan. You can also leave a comment below with general inquiries.

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