Three Tips on How to Take a Great Picture on Your Smartphone

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The best photo books and custom photo cards don’t come from simply collating a bunch of random pictures that look like you rushed through clicking the green button on your cell phone screen.

You have to be a little more methodical to get custom photo cards that actually look like they were sent from a professional photo lab.

You may say that all you have is your cell phone, but this can no longer be an excuse. Most smartphones now come with ridiculously high resolutions and megapixels, so your cellular pics could look just as clear as a brand new Nikon.

Here are a few tips on taking the best pictures from your smartphone.

  • Relax and Take Your Time. One of the downsides of using your phone is that it is much easier for your hand to shake when you take the picture. This can blur the picture or make you miss what you really want to take a snapshot of. The best thing to do is to take your time and get yourself set before you start clicking. In other words, wait for the screen to adjust the zoom, and give yourself some time to find the right angle and lighting first — there’s no rush.
  • Get Low to the Ground. The best wedding picture albums and photo books contain pictures of things that no one would have ever considered shooting. The photographer likely made his or her way around, clicking away at strange angles, trying to find a unique photo op. So drop to your knees, shimmy around on your tummy, and try to get a different perspective. It will significantly up the quality of your shots.
  • Filters. The whole point of downloading photo apps is to be able to play with the filters. You can try to darken the background, change the hue, work with the shading, and add in small touches that will make your pictures stand out. The filters on your phone can also be a great way to learn how to tweak photos in your favor.

Your cell phone is plenty professional to use for any photo shoot. So, start clicking using these tips, and you will likely find your picture-taking skills have improved. See this link for more references.

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