Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Parking Lot Sweeping Service

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Does your business use a regular parking lot sweeping service? If the answer is no, you’re probably thinking, “I’m a small business owner trying to make end’s meet! We can’t afford a parking lot sweeping bill!” And we get it. When you’re trying to keep your expenses lower than your income, every dollar counts. It might feel like paying for parking lot sweeping services is an unnecessary hit to the budget.

However, we believe you can’t afford not to use parking lot cleaning services, and we’ve prepared a list of reasons to bring you to our side:

Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Parking Lot Sweeping Service

  1. A clean parking lot means lower maintenance bills.

    If your parking lot is set up properly, the water should run off the the roof of your building, through the parking lot, away from your structure, and towards the municipal rain sewers. That’s an ideal situation, but it depends on your parking lot being in good shape. If your parking lot becomes dilapidated, the debris and buildup on the surface of your parking lot will cause water to pool up. This leads to water damage — the number one most common insurance claim that building owners make. It just takes a good rain to usher the water back to the foundation of your building. You don’t have to be a building expert to know that this bad. If water leaks into your foundation, it can cause rotting or structural degradation. The earth under the surface of your building could sink and cause your floors to become unstable. Not to mention mold issues, that thrive in leaky environments.

    Instead of enduring this long list of terrible possibilities, pay far less to just arrange for parking lot cleaners to come clean off the surface of your parking lot every few months. For a small fee, you save yourself huge bills down the road.

  2. A clean parking lot contributes to a good first impression.
    Your future customers often can’t base their impression of your product or service on your product or service itself. Before they actually have a chance to try out your business, it’s all the little things that help them determine if they can trust you. If your exterior sign is unprofessional looking, they think, “This business cuts a lot of corners and doesn’t care about doing things right.” If your bathroom is dirty they think, “The quality of business offered here is probably as unacceptable as their dirty bathroom.”

    One of the very first interactions that your potential customers will have with your business is the parking lot. If your parking lot is filthy with a layers of black gunk that builds up over time, and cigarette butts and dirt and debris, the message that your potential customers is negative. It is difficult to overcome a bad impression. It is much easier to just use a parking lot cleaner so that the first impression your potential clients have about your business is all good things! Good client faith leads to loyalty and business, which leads to money in the bank.

  3. Mother nature smiles upon you when you have your parking lot cleaned.

    In our first point we mentioned that rain runs off the roof of your building, through your parking lot, and into the municipal drainage system. This water runoff makes its way to a body of water somewhere, such as a lake or stream.

    If you don’t clean your parking lot regularly, all of the cars that park in your parking lot drip oil and coolant and toxins and poisons and chemicals. When the rain runs through your parking lot before migrating to the water that we drink, it picks up all the pollution that the cars have dripped all over the parking lot. That’s bad for the plants and animals that depend water to live. It’s bad for humans who need to drink water to live (hint: that’s you). And it’s bad for the earth.

    When you use a regular professional parking lot cleaner, the surface of the parking lot is expunged of all the toxins that you don’t want to be drinking, so it doesn’t end up in our water source!

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