Three Reasons to Rent a Portable Air Conditioner

As we move into the dog days of summer, your workplace may seem more like a sauna than an office. It may seem to be too late to invest in an HVAC system this summer, but you can always find portable air conditioner rentals to cool down. If your employees, clients, and customers seem to be melting throughout the day, here are a few reasons to provide them with a rental air conditioner.

Workers are more productive when the temperature is cooler.

A recent study from Cornell University found that workers are at their most productive when the external temperature is 71.6 degrees. Another from the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that workplace productivity can improve but nearly 10% if employees are in an environment with high air quality. Ensuring that your employees are able to work at a comfortable temperature ensures that they can focus on their own work, rather than worrying about sweating through their dress shirts or having access to the drinking fountain. As an aside, workers are also more productive if their office has a dehumidifier, as these reduce the amount of allergens in their work space. Be sure to find an HVAC rental company that is able to provide portable air conditioner rentals as well as a rental dehumidifier.

It may be required by OSHA.

Employees cannot work in an indoor facility that is warmer than 76 degrees. If that seems to be true of your office, it may be time to look into portable air conditioner rentals. There are no requirements for temperature control if your employees are working outdoors (such as in construction or in a garage) but even so, it can be beneficial to provide temporary cooling to keep your employees at work. Even if your employees are not collapsing from heat stroke, they may still be susceptible to heat exhaustion or heat cramps, particularly if they’re doing physical labor.

Renting is a good bet if you live in a cooler climate.

Many businesses may balk at installing an air conditioner if they live in a mild climate. If your definition of a heat wave is only 75 degrees, and if you work in an older building, why spend the money on an expensive HVAC system that is only used for two months out of the year? You can’t always anticipate a heat wave, though, and when the temperatures climb, and a rotating fan may not always suffice. Finding portable air conditioner rentals can allow you to have reliable cooling only in the months when you need it.

If you live and work in an environment with very distinct seasons, you should budget for a quality HVAC system in the long term to keep your workers and clients happy and comfortable. As you plan to build a relationship with a trusted HVAC company, cool your heels in the last weeks of summer with an air conditioner rental instead.

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