Three Modern Methods for Finding Office Space

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Were you tasked with finding office space for a small business? There are more options available then you may realize. A business with less than 500 employees is considered a small business by the Small Business Association (SBA). If your company fits under that description, you have a different criteria for finding an office space as compared to a business with 2,000 employees. Smaller businesses today sometimes require a different setup than more traditional large companies. There are three contemporary solutions for today’s small business leaders.

1. Temporary office space.
Entrepreneurs may prefer a space that has a flexible lease. Although they may hope for the best, start-up companies cannot always guarantee how long their company will be around. No one wants to pay rent on a space that is not being used. An office space lease based on weeks or months instead of years might be preferable. Once better established, the company can then sign a longer lease or look for a new space.

2. Virtual Office Spaces.
A virtual office is one that provides an address for mailing purposes, and communication through email, phone, and virtual meeting spots. Seem odd? It is estimated that 80% of expenses for a physical office are rental and operational costs. The office has the same level of communication and interaction, it is simply not done face to face. For companies that do nearly all of their business online, this option may be appropriate. It can expand your hiring pool, as potential employees are no longer tied to a location.
3. Executive office spaces. When finding office space, you should know that it is possible to rent an office that has set up all the required furniture and maintenance, including hiring the cleaning staff. All you have to do is pay one pre-agreed fee each month. What do workers consider important? One U.S. study of the top five features in an average office, found that being able to interact with others easily, ranked the highest. The fifth top feature was coffee quality. American workers have their priorities.

The workplace is more dynamic and customizable at present than in the past. Finding office space to meet your singular business needs is easier than ever.

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