Three Benefits Blister Packaging Provides That You May Not Have Thought Of

Blister pack packaging

Blister packaging is a pretty simple concept. Pharmaceutical packaging companies create a durable, plastic card with raised blisters, which act as pouches, for medicines to go in. Pharma packaging services then heat a plastic or cardboard insert over the plastic to seal the medicines in.

The sheer simplicity of blister packaging’s design is really kind of genius when you consider all of the different benefits such a minimalistic solution affords. If you’ve never stopped to think about it, here are a few of them.

Tamper Proof.

Perhaps the single most important advantage of blister packaging is that it’s inherently tamper proof. If any malicious saboteur were to swap the medicines out for other dangerous substitutes, or else try to tamper with it in any other sort of way, it’d become immediately evident to the consumer. Blister packaging’s tamper proofing abilities ensures that the medications you and your family take are completely safe and as labeled on the package.


Children don’t know the difference between medicine and candy. Both are often brightly colored and shaped similarly, so it’s easy for them to get confused. However, even just the slightest switch up could have disastrous effects. Thankfully, blister packs are made with childproof materials that make accessing medicines a difficult challenge for their little fingers.

Cost Effective.

Blister packaging is incredibly cost efficient, which has huge benefits for the end consumer. If the cost of materials and labor is low, so too will the end product. By choosing to use the most inexpensive–and one of the most secure–packaging methods, pharmaceutical companies can offer consumers an even more affordable product.

Blister packaging is a cost efficient way to securely provide patients with their medicines. It’s really quite incredible how such a simple solution could provide so many different benefits. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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