Things to Discuss with Your Landlord Before Committing to a Business Space for Rent

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Office and rental vacancy rates are expected to decrease in the upcoming year, largely due to the increase in internet retail businesses. If you own a commercial business that operates with walk-in customer business, it’s a great time to be on the market for retail space for rent. Renting commercial real estate is often a more desirable alternative than purchasing a business space, because it’s not permanent and doesn’t require a long-term commitment. If you’re currently looking for a large rental space for rent, or you’re thinking about finding a business space for rent, keep reading to learn about what to look for in an office rental space.

  • Your business should be able to afford the cost of a rental.
    Missing a rental payment is a serious breach of any lease agreement, so before you commit to renting a space for any length of time, make sure the cost is within your budget.
  • Your commercial rental space should comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    Any business that is open to the public or employees more than 15 people must be accessible to disabled people. If your rental space doesn’t have this feature, you may be responsible for getting it done.
  • The location you choose should work with your business model.
    What kind of store or business do you have any will it make sense to customers that you chose this location? Will people easily be able to find your business without spending lots of time trying to find a hidden spot? Consider these factors before choosing a space to rent for your business.
  • Your rental space should be safe.
    It’s important that employees feel safe when they are coming to and leaving work. If people often work into the night, arriving or leaving while it’s dark out, there should be sufficient lighting to prevent criminal activity.
  • Consider extra costs, like renovation and decorating.
    A retail office space doesn’t come fully furnished and ready to accommodate your business needs. Depending on the rental location, there can be significant costs associated with construction. It’s also necessary to think about what will be required to get the office space in shape for the public to enter and feel comfortable there.
  • Make sure the space has all the facilities you need.
    If you run a restaurant, it’s important that your rental space has commercial kitchen facilities. For a retail store, it’s a good idea to have an open storefront where you can display your company’s product and attract customers.
  • Be aware of any maintenance fees involved with renting the property.
    These fees include things like snow removal and general upkeep of the property, so don’t forget to ask the landlord what these costs will be.

Have you recently perused the variety of options for retail space for rent? What are some things people should look for in a retail space for lease? Is commercial property for rent a better deal than purchasing it? Please share your ideas below on retail space for rent. Research more like this.

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