These Tornadoes Spin Backwards!? – The Film Frame

ofs. The roofers get busy when a tornado hits. There’s a different kind of tornado. This video will describe anticyclonic twisters that rotate in reverse.

The northern hemisphere tornadoes spin counterclockwise. In the southern part of the hemisphere, they turn clockwise. Tornadoes that follow this rule are known as cyclonic tornadoes. This is true for 98 percent of all tornadoes. But, only 2% of tornadoes rotate backwards. These tornadoes are known as anti-cyclonic tornadoes.

Cyclonic tornadoes typically accompany anticyclonic storms. These tornadoes can be seen in the form of satellites of these storms. They usually occur after a rear flank downdraft of air happens near the mesocyclone in the storm. It is often a way to catch storm chasers completely off guard. It’s possible for them to be so focused on the storm’s cyclonic nature that they are unaware of the anti-cyclonic twister. This aspect of surprise is what makes them so dangerous. The video below shows an anti-cyclonic tornado, which is beautiful since it has taken in huge amounts of dirt.


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