There are More to Packaging Labels Than What Meets the Eye

Roll fed labels

From toothpaste to tube socks, almost everything we purchase comes in a package. But rarely do we think about the origins of packaging and packaging labels, where they come from, and why they are used for particular products.
The packaging industry in the United States is huge–approximately $7 billion in revenue is generated annually. And believe it or not, the industry is only growing. In the past three years, the packaging industry has seen a growth of 3%.
So why packaging? Firstly, there are obvious reasons that packaging exists, such as quality control, and sanitary purposes. But packaging exists for more than just containing purposes. Rather, there are more psychological elements at play.
Let’s start with an example. When walking into a grocery store and stepping into the cereal aisle, which brand jumps out at your more: Cheerios or generic brand “Oaty O’s”? If you chose Cheerios like many others would, that’s commercial labeling and food product labels branding at play. This food packaging labels technique is extremely common.
The more we are exposed to certain custom product labels, the more likely we are to associate ourselves with it and buy its products. Not only is this common sense, but research proves it. A recent study reported that 84% of individuals in America remember the name of the company when they receive gifts with the logo on it.
After receiving the gift, they remembered the logo and were more likely to purchase the product later on. This is inevitably due to effective custom product labeling and branding. According to 76% of small businesses, a good marketing plan includes a combination of print and digital communication. This is because one feeds into the other. If your product has effective custom product labels, the product will eventually be able to sell itself.
So the next time you go out to buy toothpaste, pay attention to what brand you’re buying and why. The answers might surprise you. More like this blog.

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