The Types of Paper Punching Machines Available

Automatic wire binding machine

Hole punching is an activity very well known within the scholastic community and profession. However, what many do not know is that hole punching equipment or paper punching machine is also used in publishing. A paper punching machine can come in many different varieties based on your business needs. Some of these machines are categorized by their output capabilities and size. If you?re looking for a particular type of paper punching machine this list will help you to understand which one is right for you.

The first type of hole punching machines are the large industrial wire coiling machines mainly used for by major publishing companies. An automatic wire binding machine that coils wire into a stack of papers. These machines have the capabilities to punch a hole into a huge stack of papers in a factory like fashion. An industrialized paper punching machine or an automatic coil binder is used as a perfect binder to wire bind book pages together. These are the notebook like papers that you usually see in schools. An wire binding machine is used to punch a hole into the stacks of paper and while it coils wires into the pages at the same time. This is done in a matter of seconds.

Another type of hole puncher is the heavy duty electric paper punching machine. These are usually found in offices or schools. They are medium size table top hole punchers that are used to punch holes into packet sized stack of papers. These particular hole punchers are quite different from a perfect binding machine both in size and function. While a automatic coil binding machine can punch a hole and bind an entire book, it?s electric heavy duty counterpart can only hole punch. It does not have a coiling function and is not recommended to bind books. The last type of paper punching machine is the interchangeable electric heavy duty machines. These machines have the capabilities to hole punch and comes with other extremities that allows it to also perform as a coil binding machine. The interchangeable version is much larger than the smaller table top but has much more functionality though without the large output capability of the automatic wire binder.

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