The Truth Behind The Price of Die Casting

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When discussing the cost of die casting, it is important to note that in the U.S. alone, die casters contribute more than $8 billion dollars to the country?s economy annually. Everything from car parts to electronics, to grand scale infrastructure, die casting is essential and heavily integrated into modern society. So how does the cost structure break down?

What Are you paying for?

The burden for the die casting manufacturer to bear is that the tooling to form a specific mold is egregiously expensive, and takes a long time to recuperate the investment. That?s why you?ll find die casting suppliers require the customer to make that investment as an itemized and separate charge, not included in the price of production for your parts. Still, although it is expensive in a sense, the investment should rarely if ever exceed three times the cost of material. Likewise, if you plan on manufacturing many parts necessary for your business, the investment might be inconsequential compared to the profits you are making.

Before making a decision on your die casting needs, make sure your due diligence has been done to discern profit margins and ROI that the tooling will give you.

What do you get?

In return for understanding and assuming the cost of die casting, you get quite a lot.

First, you get access to a company that is incredibly skilled at producing the highest quality finished products. This does not come without effort and risk. The temperatures and procedures involved in die casting can be dangerous. Our careful experts are kept secure by years of practice and hours of perfection.

Second, you have a choice of materials that will give you further control over your price and the characteristics of your end product. Our blog can provide more information on what differentiates aluminum and zinc die casting.

Third, and perhaps most obviously, you get a huge ROI in the long run if successful at selling your product. This makes the cost of die casting, not really a cost at all.

The prospect of investing in die cast tooling and materials might at first seem intimidating, but the long=term upside potential is huge. Talk to us today for a complete understanding of our pricing structure. We look forward to working with you! Read more articles like this.

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