The Top Three Factors that Set Fluke Test Lead Sets Apart from the Crowd

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Projects come and go, but one thing that often remains the same is the quality of the tools you are using. Those projects can either be made up of fond memories and successes or more bitter, difficult jobs, and oftentimes the quality of the tools makes all the difference in determining which one a project will be. Equipment calibration test leads are a big investment initially due to their typically high cost, so you should be sure that you are investing in success rather than difficulty. Here are three qualities that may make Fluke test lead sets the go to choice for you in the hardware store:

1. Durability

Because these lead test sets can be so pricey, you want to be sure that you only have to buy them once. Fluke test sets particularly are made to last. Oftentimes the tips of the test leads are the first part of the set to begin showing signs of wear, and Fluke plates each of their test lead tips to ensure a longer lifespan for your tools and a higher number in your bank account.

2. Reliability

Fluke makes sure that its tools are up to par with electronic calibration standards, particularly when safety is involved. Many of Fluke’s leads have received a dual safety rating. The leads are made with silicone insulation to ensure that they don’t melt or transfer heat to the wielder very well; the grips are designed to be as firm and reliable as possible as well to reduce the risk of dropping the leads and damaging either them or yourself. Overall, they are designed to function well with minimal risk to the user.

3. Utility

Safety and durability are less useful if the tools themselves can’t be used on every project you take on. Fluke test lead sets are made with that utility in mind. The lead sets come equipped with universal input plugs so that they can function with all different brands of meters, not just Fluke, and the lead tips and clips are made in many varieties of shapes and lengths to best suit a unique variety of jobs. Overall, Fluke aims to be the one stop for lead test sets that you need to make. What do you think about them?

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