The Top Three Benefits of LED Business Signs

Outdoor led sign

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, the most effective and least expensive form of advertising is signage. In fact, a small business can get around half of its local customer base just from signs alone. There are a number of different options for signage, but one that’s gaining popularity is LED. Here are a few of the most common benefits of using an LED display sign.

1. Cost-Efficiency
One of the main benefits of using an LED display sign is that it’s cost efficient. The initial purchase of the sign will be significant — as with any type of small business sign — but the savings over time will add up. Since LEDs are very energy efficient, a business owner is going to be able to save on the electricity it takes to illuminate the sign. Additionally, a well-placed LED sign costs only about 15 cents per 1000 exposures.

2. Brand-Building
Another benefit of LED business signs is that they are a good branding tool. Adding lights and color to a sign can increase brand recognition by as much as 80%. LED lights come in a variety of different rich colors — pretty much any one you can think of. Since LEDs are light bulbs to begin with, they can illuminate a number of different types and styles of signs.

3. Versatility
Besides being cost-efficient and a useful tool to promote brand recognition, LEDs are also pretty versatile in terms of the signs that can be created using them. LEDs are often used to illuminate channel letter signs, but they are also used to create displays that just feature the bulbs. There are three different styles of LEDs: light bar, which is usually used to illuminate channel letters; dot matrix, which is a large grid of small bulbs, and seven segment, which are usually used in signs that have number displays.

Do you have an LED sign at your business? What are some benefits you’ve seen as a result of having one? Feel free to share with us in the comments section. References.

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