The Top Four Tips You Need To Make Your Business Sign Stand Out From The Competition

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What do you know about the art of the sign? Perhaps more than you’ve given yourself credit for. We interact with signs every single day of our lives. On the way to the grocery store, across the street when we change lanes, even when we pull out our phones to check a quick text. Our world is constantly attempting to communicate with us…and us with it. That being said, what separates a good sign from a poor one? Learning this as early as possible will put your brand on the fast track to sticking around in people’s minds for the long-term.

It’s All About Location, Location, Location

The best way to create the best sign is to know what people are going to use it for. A popular place to start is just putting it in a prime location where it’ll get the most foot traffic. An illuminating study revealed nearly 18% of Best Buy’s walk-in customers dropped by because of the sign alone. Any business that wants to have a healthy lifespan won’t neglect even a small percentage. Putting your digital LED business signs where customers will see it most will save you a lot of work.

Over 80% of a business’s regular customers either live or work five miles away or less of its location. Who are you reaching out to and how?

Ignore The Clutter, Go For The Basics

Electronic school signs and LED business signs alike rely on the basics to do their job right. No sign should be cluttered with too many colors or design elements, as that won’t translate well at a glance and leave customers looking for something less complicated. Graphic design basics stress a mere two to three colors and a major focal point to draw the eye. When in doubt? Just having your business name large and easy-to-see will work well enough to pique interest where it counts.

As many as 35% of customers wouldn’t have even found a business without the sign. Are you helping them out?

Try To Stand Out With A Little Pizzazz

Say you’re no spring chicken when it comes to communication design. How can you take your sign a step further and really wow your potential audience? Digital LED business signs combine the best of the old and new with flashing lights, bright colors and enough customization to change on a dime. In just two years LEDs will reach a 50% penetration of the global lighting market, which is rather impressive when you consider just how many products use LEDs these days. School LED signs today look much different than they did just a handful of years ago.

Over 70% of people will look at the messages on roadside billboards, whether they’re traditional or digital.

Learn From The Success Of Other Businesses

It never hurts to learn from what the competition is doing. While that doesn’t mean you should copy them directly, it’s essential to see what customers are gravitating to and why. Respondents to a recent poll had over 25% noting either a phone number or web address on a billboard. Another 70% said they either ‘sometimes’ or ‘frequently’ make shopping decisions while they’re driving. There are even additional benefits your company can glean from investing in digital LED business signs, such as saving more on your marketing budget. The value of an on-site sign has the same value as 24 full-page newspaper ads.

The art of the sign takes time to master, but you can never go wrong by learning the foundation that has carried businesses for decades. How will your GSA LED sign stand out this year?

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