The Top 3 Details In Packaging That Create Repeat Customers

Retail packaging

Thermoformed packaging is a popular method for selling products. The process is relatively cheap and allows for customized retail packaging, usually in the form of clamshell packaging and blister packs. Different types of thermoformed packaging may have varying shapes, but they all use plastic. It is estimated that 31.9 million metric tons have plastic waste is disposed of incorrectly each year. That’s not the total amount generated, just the amount not being recycled or even worse, littered. So what can be done to turn this problem around? Perhaps the first step lies with the manufacturer to rely on green packaging.

The average consumer does not have a lot of faith in the brands they buy to make good environmental decisions. In a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study, when asked about their purchasing decisions about 45% of participants claimed to have decided on a purchase because the product touted environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

That same study found just 14% of participants believed that most brands made an effort to appeal to the customer’s needs. This particular issue is really about eye-catching and easy to open packaging. While thermoformed packaging is customizable, custom user friendly clamshell packaging needs to also be unique. You want your product to stand out on a shelf of dozens of similar products. The type of package that crosses off every box is unique, easy to open, and lets the customer know about their commitment to green practices.

That might seem like a tall order for one little package to fulfill. While it is a lot to consider, remember that many companies do not take the time to create the best thermoformed packing for their project. The product packaging is vital to good sales. Consumers are more savvy with their money in today’s world. They want their money to speak for them, in the way they spend and the products they buy.

To make your product stand out, take the time to design packaging that will grab a customer’s attention. Include on the packaging the values your company is committed to. Then, make the packaging simple to open. This ensures the customer picks up your product, buys it, and becomes a repeat customer. This is your goal, and the path to success depends on taking care of the little details every step of the way.

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