The Sky May Not be Falling, but 23 Pounds of Marijuana Did on One Arizona Home

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Billy and Maya Donnelly don’t have a marijuana business license, but they sure could have made some money if they did when over 20 pounds of weed fell into their lap earlier this month. The Donnelly’s were sound asleep in their Nogales, AZ home when a large amount of marijuana fell from the sky, literally crashing through the roof of their carport and the dog house inside. They awoke temporarily when they heard a loud thud, but didn’t think much of it and went back to sleep. It wasn’t until the morning when they discovered the green plant and damage it had caused, according to The Washington Post.

“It?s all right on top of our dog?s house,” Maya Donnelly said. “It just made a perfectly round hole through our carport.”

Luckily, the dog wasn’t in the house at the time of the crash. Approximately 76% of doctors approve of medical marijuana use, but presumably 0% recommend absorption via high-altitude impact fall.

The Donnelly’s immediately notified the Nogales Police Department who came and confiscated the reportedly 23.8 pounds of weed, which they valued at about $9,500. Authorities believe it was an aerial drug smuggling attempt gone awry. Robert Fierros, Nogales Police spokesman, told The Washington Post it was certainly a unique, but not entirely unusual situation.

“We?ve seen ultralight activity used to drop narcotics within town,” Fierros said. “When we have been able to see or catch it, it?s more on the outskirts or further north toward the next town, not in a well-lit, residential area. This case in particular is unique for that reason.”

Arizona is one of the 23 states that currently allow legal medical marijuana operations to exist, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. That being said, it’s doubtful whoever was operating the plane has a marijuana business license of any kind. The only cannabis consultants he’s working with are of the black market variety.

Medicinal cannabis business development is increasing every year in this country and currently more than half (52%) of Americans believe it should be legalized. More and more people are obtaining marijuana business licenses as 92% of patients that use it say it works.

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