The Right Working Environment for Your Company — Important Tips Regarding Choosing an Office Space Efficiently

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One of the most important factors that play a part in running a successful company is having the right space to work in. A good work space is conducive to productive and creative work; in fact, without a proper work space it’s all too easy for you and your potential employees to waste your time on distractions and discomfort. It’s true that work is work — but that work is done by real people, and it’s unreasonable to expect people to do good work in uncomfortable environments. Comfort is one of the main advantages of virtual offices in this day and age. Virtual office suites allow people to work remotely without losing the sense of professionalism and resources that traditional offices offer. Furthermore, cheap virtual office space is a great way to save money. Let’s dive into the many reasons why cheap virtual office space could be the right option for your company.

1. Comfort

The fact is that traditional offices are rarely comfortable. This is a true problem, because when people are uncomfortable they rarely do good work. For one thing, unless a business has the money to pay for fully furnished offices for every employee, someone usually ends up feeling slighted if their office is not quite as “nice” as another employee’s. For another, things like poor ventilation and a lack of furnishings often lead to employees being unable to focus. By working remotely — an advantage that 80% of employees consider a perk — people are where they want to be. This gives them the maximum level of comfort. For example, they don’t have to leave work to go grab lunch; this in itself allows for greater productivity and shorter breaks without making the employee feel overworked.

2. Shorter Commutes

There is no doubt that a long commute cuts not only into a person’s work time but their personal life as well. A long commute is a major reason why people dislike their jobs, and cheap virtual office space cuts that down in a major way. In fact, 14% of employees have changed jobs to cut down on their commutes. Not only does having zero commute allow employees to work comfortably, it also encourages them to feel a bit less concerned about getting to and from work. This adds to that aforementioned comfort level, and in general makes employees’ lives easier. Not only is making your employees happy just a good thing to do as a boss — it also leads to the next reason why cheap virtual office space may be the right option for your business.

3. Lower Attrition Rates

Attrition can be a major issue for an employer. It refers, in essence, to the number of employees that leave your company. Losing an employee due to poor work space not only reflects badly on you and your company — it also means that time and money will have to be spent on replacing that employee. Cheap virtual office space will lower your attrition rates — in fact, 46% of companies have reported that telework has reduced their attrition rates, and it’s no wonder why. When people can work remotely, they feel more in control of their work lives. This will encourage loyalty to your company, which is a quality that cannot be underestimated.

4. Cost Effectiveness

A lot of money goes into building a strong office space. There are usually legal requirements involved, and furnishings to consider. Another issue is providing resources like Internet access and phone service. Not only does allowing your employees to work remotely cut those costs; it also cuts costs for your employees but eliminating their commutes. Everyone saves money, and everyone is happy. Virtual offices can also be rented should you wish to have the option to switch strategies in the future. Either way, it makes life easier for everyone involved.

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